Saturday, November 17, 2012

The thoughts kids have...

I absolutely LOVE going on road trips with my son.  They are always full of laughter.  I don't think he and I have gone on a trip where we haven't had a crazy unusual conversation.

I think my favorite, so far, was on one of our trips to the Dallas, TX area.  We didn't get a chance to leave for Dallas until after I got off work around 5pm, so we ended up hitting traffic and all that fun stuff.  So of course as we get closer to Dallas Zach falls asleep.  Well I do what I always do when he falls asleep (although I do this when he's awake too) I sang like a rock star at the top of my lungs to the songs on the radio.  Hey a girl has to entertain herself somehow.
Anyway, the kid sits up unexpectedly (again he was sleeping) and asks in a panicked tone "how do people in straight jackets pee?!?!?!?!"  Um What the heck were you dreaming about kiddo?!?!?  Seriously, you wake up all panicked needing to know how people wearing straight jackets pee?  Only my kid! I told him they just pee in their pants but he didn't like that answer.  So if any one has any other answers to that feel free to let me know.  :)

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