Sunday, March 31, 2013

HAPPY EASTER!!!! Easter eggs + frogs = SERIOUSLY BOYS?!?!?!?

First off  HAPPY EASTER everyone!!!!!!!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!  I personally am lying in bed with my foot elevated and taking pain meds.  I didn't think foot surgery would have me down so much.  :(    Oh well I will make the most of it.

I spent last night with my mama E and family.  We decided to do an adult Easter egg hunt (the only child was my 13 year old kid).  So not only did the adults hunt for eggs they hunted for mini liquor bottles as well.  Well I personally couldn't hunt anything since I'm on crutches so I sat in a chair holding the basket for everyone to put their eggs in while drinking a glass of wine.  The "boys" put a few eggs in the basket and asked my friend Jordan and I to empty the eggs out so they can stuff them again with other stuff.  this comment sounded suspicious but since Jordan was "whatever" about it I decided to help her empty the eggs.  I was holding the wine in one hand and I opened an egg in the other hand and there was a fucking frog in it!!!! The boys had emptied the egg and stuffed it with a live frog for me or Jordan to open!!!!  I screamed "oh shit" and dropped the egg.  I was proud of myself for not dropping the egg basket or the glass of wine!  of course the reaction had everyone laughing for a while.  I'm glad I can amuse people!  :)  The frog was really just chill about everything he didn't care who held him or touched him or anything.  He hung out with us for a while.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

frozen wine + unicorn horns + sisters = WTF?!?!?!

My son and I were able to visit my little sister and niece this past week for her 21st birthday!  She's 21 finally!!!! WOOHOO!!! 
We celebrate our Christmas in mid February beginning of March every year.  It just so happens that this year I have a broken foot.   So we had exchanged gifts and drank wine and these are the photos that came from this.  Craziness!!!!   I have never laughed so hard in my life.  There wasn't one dull moment while I was with my sister. 

                                       This is how you defrost frozen wine and ice your broken foot

                                                          My son is a majestic unicorn

                                   Unicorn crossing!!! (probably should not try on heels with a broken foot)

                                                                   More unicorn crossing

                                                         Beautiful Unicorns

                                        Not sure if this is a unicorn or super hero or both!

So, needless to say after this weekend I think my kid needs more therapy! LOL  I'm having foot surgery soon and I jokingly told my son that I am probably going to die on the table because it's such a simple surgery and that's the kind of luck I have.  He responded with "um, no! I keep you alive so that I don't have to live with Aunt Loren.  She's crazy!!! I really really don't want to live with her!"  LOL  I tried to explain to him that she and I are really only crazy when we are together or on the phone with each other.  That when I'm not around she'd be like I am with him on a daily basis.   only a little bit crazy.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

skin suits, the new fashion?? but not really

Oh the conversations I have with people.  I don't even know what starts them half the time! 
The following is the conversation between a friend and myself.

Me: What are you thinking about?

T: you

Me: what about me?

T: Your face.  I want to wear it!

Me: My face?!?! EEEWwwwww you're going to make me into a skin suit?

T: no really I was thinking about your smile and how it was nice to see you again.

Me: Really?  Not about wearing me as a skin suit?

T: Uh yeah I'm a psycho killer thank you. 

Me: Well I'm just saying... you aren't going to see me for a while unless we meet up during the week.  So that could turn you into a psycho killer, it's been known to happen.  I have that effect on people.

Me: Because really I'm bigger and shorter than you so the suit would be baggy and high waters on you and thats just a waste of my skin.

T: you could always hem it.

Me: Um it would be too short on you, why would you hem it and make it shorter?  Unless you want shorts but then that'd just be weird.

T: And wearing a skin suit in general is just fine right?  LOL

Me:  Well as long as it's not my skin you're wearing as a suit then sure a skin suit is fine... maybe go with cow skin or something less psycho so you don't end up in prison.

Me: Unless you can make human skin suits look less like human skin... maybe sew it as the liner of a suit so no one sees it but you.

For some reason the conversation ended there.  I mean I was offering him a way out to wear skin suits the least he could have done was say thank you!  goodness!
P.S. I don't really condone wearing skin as a suit.  Just conversations about wearing skin suits. unless you are wearing a skin suit while having a conversation about wearing skin suits and then I will have to boycott being your friend.  It's just gross... and at some point would probably be smelly.