Monday, July 15, 2013

I'm in awe of my child... or he's in awe of me... I can't decide which it should be

I probably should start keeping this updated more often.  Maybe I need to keep a notebook with me from now on and not just put notes in my phone because then I forget I have notes in my phone and i don't think about it until like months later and then I realize it's too late to do anything with some of those notes.  I'm also pretty sure that sentence is a long run on sentence.  ooops.

I was walking downstairs earlier today and I was looking at the kid on my way.

He said "why are you looking at me suspiciously?  It's making me suspiscious."

me:  I always look at you suspiciously.  Is there any other way to look at you?

the kid: in awe... you can look at me in awe like everyone else.

me: I'm pretty sure that you're supposed to be looking up to me in awe since I'm your mom.

I get downstairs and scream because a spider decided to run accross my foot.  So I make the kid come down and kill it (because we all know if I try to kill it then the house will likely be on fire).

the kid: Is this that moment when I'm supposed to look at you with awe?

I didn't really respond to him on that question, I just told him not to use my shoe to kill the spider because I didn't want spider guts on the bottom of them.   I then walked away.  How else do you respond to that smart ass?  :)