Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hang Man... or not?

So my dad goes up to Zach and I just happen to be standing there.  Dad has a piece of paper and a pencil and he starts to draw a line on it and was about to ask Zach a question.  First thing out of my mouth was "A, I pick the letter A!!!"  Dad just looks at me like I'm crazy, I respond with "what, we are playing hangman right?"

Dad: No this is a tree. 

Zach: well it doesn't look much like a tree, more like a stick

Me: okay, I choose G then

Zach: Mom, it's a tree, papa already told you that so you need to pick a T

Me: well trees are green, unless it's fall like now and they are losing their leaves then they are
brown... or the tree stump is brown. Crap now I don't know what color to choose my letters with.

Dad: Zach, if you want to cut down a tree how would you do it?

Me: call someone to come out and take care of it

Zach: what mom said.

Dad: *shakes his head* okay really if you had to cut it down yourself how would you do it?

Me: with a chain saw... those are fun!

Dad: You are not allowed near the tools.  Zach you have to use the hand saw.

Zach: Well I would put a nook in the tree then I would go back and forth with the saw until it cut the

Dad: Okay what happens when you get about 3/4th of the way through the trunk then what?

Me: I push it over and yell TIMBER!!!! 

Zach: I go around to the other side and cut some more so it doesn't fall that way?

Dad: No, you need to...

Me: You need to bring people outside to watch it so that the tree actually makes a sound when it falls!

Zach: I'd have them watch so they can see how strong I am when I push it over

Dad: Why do I even bother with you guys?

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