Thursday, November 8, 2012


So you can't have a blog without groupies!!!  I emailed my childhood friend BFF Kim and told her I started a blog and she MUST become my follower, aka groupie.  Here is how this conversation went:

Me: So I've started a blog to share all my crazy conversations!!! You shall be showcased on tehre considering a lot of the conversations are with you.  So you will have to become a regular blog follower.  I need a followerer, like a groupie for my blog.

Kim: You want me to be your groupie? Does that mean I have to follow you around?

Me: Yes I want you to be my groupie.  While actually following me around would be entertaining for both of us, I'm thinking this is not a requirement for being a blog groupie.

Kim: Well I suppose I can then.  I jsut have to read them?  I don't have to like scream and faint if you walk by do I?

Me: Nah, no need to scream and faint.  People might start thinking you are scared of me.

Kim: That's true. I suppose I can do that.  Although it does feel weird to be your groupie. '

Me: would it help if you just called yourself a fan?

Kim: Yeah groupie sounds like I'm some screaming fan who's obsessed with you and wants to follow you all over the country and like marry you or something.

Me:  You know you're obsessed with me and do want to marry me.

Kim:  Don't say stuff like that.  Adam (husband) will get jealous.  He can never know!

Me:I promise to never tell him

Kim: Good unless we do get married and then I suppose he'd have to know.

me:  Well we could just go to Vegas and do a commitment ceremony and then he'd never have to know.  It'd be like you're married to both of us!

Me: BUt I'm not marrying him too, to make it a triangle of love.  That'd just be too weird.

Kim:  Oh yeah and me being married to both of you is soooo much less weird?

Me:  It is, because we'd just be committed to each other not actually married.

Kim: Oh good, I wouldn't want to go to jail or anything for being a bigamist.

And this is why she and I have been friends since we were like 11 years old!!!

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