Tuesday, January 29, 2013

new year, sharks, broken foot, fun times!

It's been too long since I've posted last and I apologize for that.  We were busy with Christmas and then my OLDER sister was in town and then our New Years Eve Party, then I got sick, and then I broke my foot.  I do not recommend breaking your foot.  It's never very fun!  I'm hoping I will be in this air cast for only another 4 weeks!
I hope everyone else is having an awesome new year.  I know a few of my friends have received exciting news this month!  :) 

So for a bit of humor here is a conversation between my dad and my little sister:

Loren: Daddy-O, if a woman goes swimming in the ocean while on her period will a shark eat her?

Daddy-O: Is this a trick question?

Loren: No, I'm serious!!! I need to know these kind of things!

Daddy-O: I think you worry too much about the little things.

Loren: You call being eaten by alive by a shark little? (Even though I live no where near an ocean. HAHAHA)

Daddy-O: Plastic bathtub sharks don't count.

Loren: We should buy a shark and keep it in your bathtub and test out this question.  But first we need to find a woman to sacrifice...

Daddy-O: What? You're not willing to take one for the team?

Loren: NO!!! You love me too much to sacrifice me.

Daddy-O: Oh yeah I forgot.

Loren: :) Without me in your life would be like mashed potatoes without ketchup!!!!! 

Oh the conversations my family and I have.  :)  Always entertaining!!!  Hope it made you laugh!!  I will try to be more diligent about posting on here, at least once a week!