Tuesday, March 5, 2013

skin suits, the new fashion?? but not really

Oh the conversations I have with people.  I don't even know what starts them half the time! 
The following is the conversation between a friend and myself.

Me: What are you thinking about?

T: you

Me: what about me?

T: Your face.  I want to wear it!

Me: My face?!?! EEEWwwwww you're going to make me into a skin suit?

T: no really I was thinking about your smile and how it was nice to see you again.

Me: Really?  Not about wearing me as a skin suit?

T: Uh yeah I'm a psycho killer thank you. 

Me: Well I'm just saying... you aren't going to see me for a while unless we meet up during the week.  So that could turn you into a psycho killer, it's been known to happen.  I have that effect on people.

Me: Because really I'm bigger and shorter than you so the suit would be baggy and high waters on you and thats just a waste of my skin.

T: you could always hem it.

Me: Um it would be too short on you, why would you hem it and make it shorter?  Unless you want shorts but then that'd just be weird.

T: And wearing a skin suit in general is just fine right?  LOL

Me:  Well as long as it's not my skin you're wearing as a suit then sure a skin suit is fine... maybe go with cow skin or something less psycho so you don't end up in prison.

Me: Unless you can make human skin suits look less like human skin... maybe sew it as the liner of a suit so no one sees it but you.

For some reason the conversation ended there.  I mean I was offering him a way out to wear skin suits the least he could have done was say thank you!  goodness!
P.S. I don't really condone wearing skin as a suit.  Just conversations about wearing skin suits. unless you are wearing a skin suit while having a conversation about wearing skin suits and then I will have to boycott being your friend.  It's just gross... and at some point would probably be smelly.

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