Tuesday, April 23, 2013

You are my sunshine my only... nope not really

My kid can be so sweet one minute and then the next minute he's just a big meanie.  Like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  Does he drink some potion in the middle of the conversations we're having and I just don't see it because he's also a ninja? And if he's ninja where did he get that skill from? I need to stop letting him take MMA and Civil Air Patrol.

So the Benefit Betties were on Great Day Houston this morning.  We were in the audience but still.  It just so happened that the only real shot you see me in is at the very end when they are scanning the audience and I am the last person you see. Zach watched the recorded show when he got home from school.

Zach: Wow mom, you're like at the VERY end.  You're the last thing people see.  You are probably the sunshine in their day.

Me: Awww Zach that's so sweet. 

Zach:  Yeah I mean they are probably thinking "If an unpopular person like her can make it on TV so can I" and that always makes peoples day! They will start believing they can do it too.

Me: Really?  you had to go there?

Zach: So when are you going to the big screens?  You've been on the small time screen, now it's time to move up.

I swear... goes from sweet to insulting all in a matter of seconds.

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