Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Things you don't expect people to say, unless you happen to know my family... then you're lucky

My sister was here for most of the month of July and then my birthday happened (yep I'm officially not telling my age!!) and now I'm finding time to update the blog.  :)

Of course as you've seen from previous posts when my sister and I are together crazy things happen.  When she comes down to Houston we do even more crazy things just to mess with our dad.  I will have more posts later on the things we did to dad to drive him crazy, but here are some of the things we said that most people probably never expect to hear but are actually kind of normal in our house.

"DAD!!! Loren won't stop humping me!!!"

"My sister keeps poking me in the boobs with drum sticks" disclaimer: they were the rock band drumsticks not chicken drumsticks although I would not put it past her to poke me in the boobs with chicken drumsticks as well.

"We're busy duct taping a blow up doll to the ceiling so I'll have to call you back."

"Duct taping a blow up doll to the ceiling is constructive work"

"Tell the dog to stop attacking the blow up doll, she'll put a hole in her!!!"

"Do you want me to hump your leg so you'll smile?"

"I'm going to lick your face!!!!"

These are just a few of the crazy things said over the few weeks she was here.  There were more things said I just don't always remember everything.  I really need to start writing these things down. 

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